Meaning of 'gotamu'

or gotamu gotamu. [Tel.] n. A sack, a bag. gone, sanci.

Meaning of గతము

gatamu. [Skt.] adj. Lost, gone, past, over, late. పోయిన, గతదినము the last day. గతఫలము loss of advantage. గతజీవితులయి who had lost their lives. గతకాలము the past time. గతకులము a family which is extinct. గతజలసేతుబంధనము banks for a stream that has run dry, a proverb for pains taken too late (shutting the stable door after the horse is stolen.) గతాహంకారులై he who has lost his wits. గతాహంకారులై they being stripped of their pride. గతము n. Passing away. పోక. గతపడు. gata-paḍu. v. n. To pass away. కడచు. To die చచ్చు గతపడ్డ dead. గతవడగ్రస్తవద్యము or ముక్తవదగ్రస్తవద్యము gata-pada-grasta-padyamu. n. A poetical conceit, Capped lines wherein the last word of each line is repeated at the beginning of the next.

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