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Meaning of 'tanu' in English
tanu. [Tel.] pron. (reflexive.) Self, one, oneself. (G. tana. D. tanaku. Acc. tannu. plu. tamu, tamaru. G. tama.) tanakutane voluntarily, of itself, of his own accord. tamakutame they of themselves. tanu ceddakoti vanamellacericinadi one good-for-nothing monkey ruins the whole garden. tanane cucinaru tanane cucinaru (B. viii. 421.) they beheld him himself. tannu kadaniyencunu (Vema) he will not see that he is the person in question. tannunciranattitappukalade. (Ila. iii. 56.) is there any error that does not spring from one's own folly?
Meaning of తను
tanu. [Tel.] n. In compounds stands for తనుపు (q. v.) and తనువు. (q. v.)
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